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Hermit House Hermits

"Thanks so much! We received them today! I could literally melt into the floor eating them. I don't know your secret but your doing it EXTREMELY WELL!" Debra Urquhart, Chef Manager: Hermit Woods Winery, Merrideth, NH
"These things are awesome, really awesome, Thank you." John Radley's unsolicitaed comment on "The Great American Hermit"
These are fantastic" Ben Von Schuch An unsolicited evaluation on The Great American Hermit
"OMG! These are the best hermits ever!!" Sandy Pinfield Miller
"I usually like to save my needless calories for alcohol but, I've made an exception for these. They're great! Good job Tom!" Dick Mitchel on our Hermits
"I was born and raised in New Hampshire and as a child, I enjoyed hermits. I've long since moved away and lately have been searching for this cookie to share with my family. Last week we found your website and placed an order. The cookies arrived a short while ago and I wanted to let you know they are wonderful! I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you for sending a bit of New England my way." Suzanne, Plano Texas
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